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Recycling Service

Our green credentials

At Aeroplas, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

A healthy and sustainable environment means a better future for our children and their families.We always use our resources as efficiently as possible and our environmentally-friendly practices help us do this.
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Aeroplas are proud to offer our customers a free recycling service.

We collect your waste when we make a delivery to you. Unfortunately we cannot make special journeys to collect waste material.


  • We can recycle all bedding packs, carry trays and liner/plug trays manufactured from HIPS –Code 6 (High Impact Polystyrene).
  • All pots lightweight and rigid manufactured from PP - Code 5 (Polypropylene).


  • All product must be free of compost and stacked on neat stable pallets.
  • We cannot accept any RPET – Code 1 material and reserve to right to pass on any disposal costs of RPET.
  • Please note not all of our competitors are correctly labelling their PET product. If you are unsure of the material you have on site please contact one of our Sales Managers who will happily make a site visit.
  • We will collect and recycle competitor’s product at our discretion.

Consider Your Carbon Footprint

Our increasing carbon footprint is having profound effects on the environment.

We must all take responsibility and consider our own carbon footprint.With this in mind, Aeroplas as market leaders were determined to develop their curb-side recyclable pot ranges from UK post-consumer waste. The majority of our material is made up of single use plastics that the UK consumer has sent for recycling. We have also considerably reduced our carbon footprint by sourcing our materials from within the UK. On top of that, virtually all of our products are manufactured in the West Midlands again greatly reducing our carbon footprint in comparison to our European competitors.